No, Seehope is a silicone product manufacturer and wholesaler,we don’t manage direct sales or retail, preferring to sell through its global sales partners. We are looking for further sales partners. Please click here to know more about us.

No, this site is for product display only and does not support trading, please contact us for more information.

Only registered and approved users have permission to see prices after logging in, please click here to fill out the application form, you will get account information by email once approved.

Please note that the prices on the platform are for reference only and the final price is subject to the official quotation.

Basically, we offer free samples, but it depends on the type of product, quantity, value, etc. Besides, customer needs to pay shipping cost, please contact us for more information.

Yes, In 2019, Seehope expanded its warehouse area and set up a dedicated team to provide labeling, packaging and logistics services for partners in need, assist them to achieve sales growth and even become a famous brand.

If you have an idea for a new silicone product and are looking for a reliable manufacturer to partner up with and bring your products to market. Seehope can assist you in every stage of development and production of your consumer idea.

We are able to find the suitable source according to customer’s requirements in a short time. The important is our marketing section always get the latest information from the market. In this way, we can reduce purchasing time, provide the final project quickly with high quality and competitive price.