silicone compression molding workshop

In 2008, the company purchased the facilities to produce silicone products. After years of development, Seehope has formed a complete system from R&D and production. With high quality products and excellent service, we have won the praise of customers all over the world.

In early 2015, Seehope increased its investment in the field of silicone consumer products, such as consumer electronic accessories, baby products, kitchen products, household products, outdoor and sports, etc. Once the products were launched in the market, they won the praise of our customers for both appearance and practicality. Nowadays, the products produced by the company can be found on all major e-commerce platforms at home and abroad, and we have developed strategic cooperation with many partners, which has given the company a high position in the field.

Seehope insists on taking the road of innovation to enhance our market competitiveness. We are brave to innovate and experiment in design, but always insist on practical and easy to use as the standard. We strictly control the quality and make products that reassure consumers.

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